Activity Plan/Report for 2021

◆  2021年度の役員会開催   (Apr.14,2021)


IU International Student Fundの支援依頼    (Apr. 12, 2021)
- IU Day Campaign -         




昨年に続きIU International AffairsよりInternational Student Fundへの寄付協力の依頼が来ましたのでお知らせします。

2020年はIU International Alumni Communityからの同Fundへの寄付金は$85,000となり、IU Office of International Serviceは大学の基金と同Fundを活用しコロナ危機により財政支援が必要となった約700人のInternational Studentに平均$500の緊急支援を提供することが出来ました(詳細は以下の参考資料をご覧下さい)。





URL:  https://crowdfunding.iu.edu/international-student-fund

  1. 金額指定画面で25、$50,または$100を選択
  2. 名前、住所などの情報を入力しcheckoutを押す。
  3. Credit Card 情報を入力する。
               服部恭典 IU同窓会日本支部会長


  1. Videos from past emergency student aid recipients: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjjVVWMVX0kaIyNuqSC0JZA.
  2. The IU Day Campaign for the International Student Fund (Status Summary) At IU Global, we believe in the value of a degree from Indiana University in any economy around the world. We also believe in the enduring impact of the relationships international students form while at IU, on our campuses and in communities like Bloomington, Indianapolis and around the state, with each other, their American friends, and with their neighbors and community members. This is what we would call a healthy international student environment. A healthy international student environment includes the assurance of earning a degree when the work is done well, the provision of quality services that are needed to live in the United States, and a community in which international students are welcomed and valued.
  • The global COVID-19 health crisis brought home that financial emergencies can happen to any of our students for many reasons. As a result of alumni generosity, we were able to help in excess of 700 students who were in immediate need, quite possibly saving their academic record and graduation. The crisis impacted many of our students, seemingly regardless of their background, country of origin, and financial security. We helped students whose parents’ business closed due to the financial pressures of covid-19 lockdowns and couldn’t meet their regular tuition payments. We helped students with their own medical issues, including COVID-19. We helped students who were stuck in the US, having to extend their stay with unanticipated cost for housing needs and technology; all things that a normally balanced and highly tailored budget would not include. And the fall-out was indiscriminate: we found students from all social strata and all countries to be affected: from those from the most prosperous families to those who pay their own way. Now more than ever, there is ample evidence that a safety net for all international students is a key asset in a healthy, lively international student environment.
  • As you know from personal experience, all students from outside the United States are required by the US government to have the means stay in the US for the duration of their time at IU. However, every year students, through no fault of their own, face unplanned financial emergencies that can make or break their graduation trajectory. A budget shortfall could mean that a bursar bill goes unpaid, the student is unable to register for the next semester, and as a result loses their visa status. At IU Bloomington alone, in non-pandemic years, we help 4-5 students a week with emergency scholarships of $500-$1,800. Each given year as many as 260 students from all over the world are provided with support to accomplish why they traveled all the way to the US; to get that highly recognized, highly valued degree.
  • IU has a proud tradition of supporting these students so they can continue to pursue their dreams through the International Student Fund. The International Student Fund is a lifeline for international students at IU who find themselves in financial trouble outside of their control. Since 2001, the Office of International Services has helped roughly 5,000 students with close to $6 million in awards. IU is committed to ensuring that students who make the extraordinary commitment to come to the U.S. to study can achieve their goals and finish what they started.  
  • In 2020, with the COVID-19 crisis hitting the international student population exceptionally hard, these requests skyrocketed. In addition to the normal volume, the Office of International Services helped about 700 international students with and average emergency scholarship of $500. An outstanding support effort from our international alumni community raised an $85,000 in funding that helped the university offset the roughly $400,000 that was spent in this area. At IUPUI, and the regional campuses, similar efforts helped many more students survive the challenges that were thrown their way.
  • We think now is the time to galvanize support around the International Student Fund, and make sure that coming crises are taken care off before they happen. You too have the ability to make a difference here. With over 70,000 living international alumni, collectively, we can make an enormous difference in the lives of our students, with relatively small individual investments. If 25% of international alumni around the world would give the equivalent of 25USD, we would raise more funding that we spent during the COVID19 crisis.
  • The gratitude which these degree saving scholarships engender in our students will benefit their communities at home, their families, and future generations of IU students. It is an often-told story that those who received help, give back later in life. We encourage you to sow those seeds for the future by making a small gift to the International Student Fund. Thank you for your support and thank you for being loyal alumni of Indiana University.

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